6 reasons to love our Nourishing Body Oil

6 reasons to love our Nourishing Body Oil

“Oil is one of the most versatile tools in a modern waxer’s bag of tricks,” says our head of education, Andy Rouillard. Here he shares why therapists love our body oil so much in the salon, on classes and at home.

Ashmira Botanica’s Nourishing Body Oil is jam-packed with natural plant extracts to soften and moisturise the skin, but there is more to this wonder product than first meets the eye.

Here are some ideas for getting the most out of this best-selling beauty…

  1. Before waxing – probably the most well-known technique of the bunch, it’s easy to forget that the use of pre-wax oil is a relatively recent phenomenon. When faced with especially dehydrated, sun-damaged or fragile skin, mist a light sheen of Nourishing Body Oil onto the body before applying any wax. This creates a lipid barrier that gives extra oompf when it comes to protecting dry and delicate skins. Our oil is light enough to be used under all strip, non-strip and roller waxes, but a little goes a long way – always wipe off any excess oil with a tissue or cotton pad before applying your wax, or you may find things a bit too slippery. Protect sensitive skin by adding more oil if you need to go back over an area with your wax to catch any stray hairs at the end of your service.
  2. On gloves – apply a single spritz to your gloved hands before you start waxing. It’ll help you avoid getting sticky and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to rub your strips, too. Got wax on your hands mid-treatment? No need to change gloves, simply remove any annoying splatters from your fingers by rubbing a few drops of oil between your digits. Good as new!
  3. Wax where you don’t want it – rogue wax dribbles on the body can be banished easily with a quick spray of our multi-tasking oil. Twist the hair between your fingers and repeat until all stickiness has disappeared. Incidentally, this also works on carpets, but test on an inconspicuous area first and make sure you wipe off any remaining oil with clean water.
  4. After waxing – don’t send clients home sticking to their clothes. Massage a generous splash of Ashmira’s super-conditioning oil into the skin at the end of every waxing service. This will dissolve any wax residue that might be lurking and the rosemary leaf extract also has anti-inflammatory benefits for customers. Shift really stubborn blobs with a paper strip and a bit of elbow grease (a firm wipe will make short work of gummy patches), then use our Refreshing Skin Cleanser to remove any excess oil and finish with Replenishing Body Lotion to leave the skin feeling perfectly soothed and hydrated.
  5. Cleaning pots and trolleys – keep those workstations sparkly clean by using a few drops of oil on a paper strip to wipe over your heaters and work surfaces between clients. It’ll clear the worst of the drips and dribbles until the end of the day, when you can then use your normal equipment cleaner to give things a really thorough blitz.
  6. At home – the luxurious blend of cupuaçu, argan, hazel seed and sunflower oils make this a fabulous all-over moisturising treat for customers between waxing appointments. The much-loved ‘dry oil’ formula absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft, supple and delicately perfumed with our signature scent of mandarin and basil. Try adding a few spritzes to your bath water for an extra skin-conditioning boost. And male clients will also love using it as a pre-shave oil to soften the beard and protect sensitive facial skin.

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