6 Tips before waxing

A professional salon waxing can leave your skin feeling smooth and hair-free and, as long as you prepare your skin before your waxing, the results could last for weeks. For some women, having their sensitive regions waxed can be uncomfortable, even painful. Thankfully there are ways that you can reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you will feel.

There are many online tutorials telling you what to do before your next waxing appointment, but instead of telling you what to do, we are going to tell you the things you shouldn’t do before your next waxing.

Let’s take a look:

For a more comfortable waxing experience and to reduce your chances of having irritated skin afterwards, here is a list of things you shouldn’t do before a wax.

Don’t Shave- the whole point of a professional waxing is to remove your excess hair. If you shave before your waxing treatment, the hair will not be long enough for the wax to adhere to. Hair should be at least long enough that you can see and feel it.

Don’t Be On Your Period- during your period, your skin is much more sensitive and the pain and discomfort from the waxing treatment could be intensified. Avoid scheduling a wax when you are on your period.

Don’t Drink Alcohol Before Your Wax- while drinking alcohol before your wax might seem like a good idea to help reduce the amount of pain you feel, the alcohol can thin your blood making your skin even more sensitive.

Don’t Have Sex- although this is technically a ‘don’t’ for just AFTER a wax, it is also good advice for just BEFORE your waxing appointment as the skin in and around your bikini region will be more sensitive and ‘puffier’ just after intercourse.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes- wearing tight clothing to your waxing appointment will irritate your skin post-wax. Loose fitting pants are more comfortable post-wax, so choose something that will give your skin some room to breathe.

Don’t Buy Ineffective Skincare Products- when selecting post-wax skin care products, be sure to purchase products that are high quality and that use a wide range of all-natural botanical ingredients. This will ensure that your skin will get the best possible nourishment so it can heal faster.

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