Andy’s new favourite Ashmira Botanica product!

My new Ashmira favourite during the recent sunny weather has been the fabulous Botanical Skin Powder. We introduced this back in March just before lockdown hit, in response to the many requests from fellow waxers for a talc-free, pre-wax powder. It was designed with the baking hot summers of the last few years in mind and sits alongside our Nourishing Body Oil as an alternative pre-wax barrier.


Natural and organic ingredients.

100% talc-free (formulated with cornstarch, kaolin and arrowroot powders).

Lightly scented with soothing lavender and chamomile essential oils.

Silky soft and non-clumping.


Absorbs excess moisture and perspiration from the skin prior to waxing. An absolute blessing in hot and humid weather – no more sweaty bikini lines or underarms!

Enables better wax adhesion on oily facial skins. Dust onto a cotton pad and shake off any excess, then dab lightly over upper lips, chins, eyebrows, etc.

At home, this is a real treat when used after a bedtime bath. The subtle fragrance of lavender and chamomile is especially beneficial for relaxation and sleep. I may look like Casper the Friendly Ghost slipping between the sheets, but it works for me!

Helps prevent chafing during exercise (great for cyclists and runners in particular).

Freshens smelly shoes.

Also works as a mild, natural deodorant and dry shampoo.

Andy Rouillard

Axiom Bodyworks | Men’s Grooming & Wax Academy