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Ashmira Botanica represents the very latest generation of hair removal products, beautiful vegan pre and post waxing skincare packed full of natural active ingredients and botanicals (mandarin and basil fragrance), low temperature strip waxes which leave virtually no redness on the skin and fast setting peelable waxes with non-sticky textures. The Ashmira Botanica range offers exceptional results and hopefully you will find them a little different to other brands……..
Ashmira Botanica waxes have a base of natural resins, plant oils and butters to nourish the skin, with their different textures and beautiful colours and fragrances, we have a wax for every client and their therapist.
Wild Violet Strip Wax – low temperature strip wax with a fluid, gel-like texture and glittery purple colour.
River Moss Strip Wax – vegan friendly, low temperature strip wax with a creamy consistency and shiny mermaid green colour.
Blue Orchid – roller cartridge wax with a fluid, gel-like texture and shimmering turquoise colour.
Mulberry Peelable Wax – fast-setting, thinly applied strip-free wax with a fluid, gel-like consistency and sparkling burgundy colour.
Seagrass Peelable Wax – vegan friendly, fast-setting strip-free wax with a creamy texture and opalescent pale green colour.
In the UK our customers include many prestigious Spas and Salons including: HarrodsMandarin OrientalCorinthiaSofitelChampneys, Chelsea Harbour Club and many more. We also have distributors in Malaysia, Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia.
If you supply to professional salons and spas in your country and would like to add our exciting range to your portfolio we would love to hear from you.

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