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Skincare Range: Cosmeceutical or Wellness?

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Skincare Range: Cosmeceutical or Wellness?

Finding a skincare range that suits your salon can be a difficult task. Ashmira Botanica have two skincare ranges. We recently launched our wellness-based Ashmira Botanica skincare. Also, we stock the amazing, cosmeceutical Anesi Lab range.

Both ranges have amazing benefits for the skin and target a range of different clients.

Want to know which range suits your salon and clients more? Keep reading for more information.

Cosmeceutical: Anesi Lab

Do you want to offer a results driven skincare line that targets specific problems? 

Anesi Lab gives instant, amazing results using high concentrations of different active ingredients. They offer several ranges which target specific skin types, so you can build up your own product range based upon your clients needs. 

Here are some examples of the ranges included in Anesi Lab:

  • Dermo-Peel Kit: For a ‚Äòmicrodermabrasion‚Äô treatment without the need for a machine.
  • Dermo Controle: Balance oily and combination skins whilst preventing dehydration.
  • Harmonie: Restore comfort and radiance to sensitive skin.
  • 3C Vitamin Glow: Give radiance and brightness to dull skin.
  • Urban Blue Defense: Repair and protect from environmental pollution and Blue Light.
  • Cellular 3: Regenerate the skin at the first signs of ageing.
  • Luminosity: Correct and fade pigmentation marks leaving a health glow.
  • Epigenesse: Provide a younger looking, energised complexion for over 50‚Äôs.

Request your small start up pack tailor made for your salon:

contactus@ashmirabotanica.com I 01823428588 I ashmirabotanica.com

Wellness Skincare Range: Ashmira Botanica

The Ashmira Botanica skincare range is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The range incorporates the theory of the Five Elements with wellness practices like cacao, sound healing and crystals. Treatments are focused on balancing a clients energy and enveloping them in a state of deep relaxation.

This skincare range is perfect for holistic salons and spas looking for deep relaxation treatments and wellness based skincare. The products are all vegan. They include natural ingredients such as rice, aloe vera and clay.


The core concept of the range derives from the philosophy of the Five Elements. These Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Before each treatment a clients element is selected. This can either be based on their biorhythm (year of birth) or their skin type, emotion or even the season.

The skin types associated with each element are as follows:

Wood-very oily/very dry/pustular spots or acne

Fire-broken capillaires/flushed

Earth-Spots under the surface of the skin/dull or devitalised

Metal-Lined/dull/needs improved lymphatic circulation and oxygenation

Water-dehydrated, flaky skin/dark circles under eyes

Our range includes five treatments including facial, exfoliation and full body massage

Our two day training course teaches you the theory of the Five Elements, our treatments, Chinese massage and everything you need to be able to offer these beautiful treatments. 

Contact us for more information and prices:

contactus@ashmirabotanica.com I 01823428588 I ashmirabotanica.com

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