Earth Element


Meridians: Stomach and spleen

Skin Type: Dull, devitalised skin, spots under the surface of the skin, cellulite, acne, intoxinated skin or normal skin.

Emotion: Worry, pensiveness, over thinking

The Earth energy is the period in between each season where energy is in transition from one season to the next. It is particularly prevalent at the end of the summer. It offers a sense of security, groundedness, and the feeling of being rooted, calm and focused. Earth is the mother of life, always there to nurture, soothe and support us, helping us feel safe and protected.

The Earth Personality:

You are an Earth mother and a feeder, caring and nurturing; thinking about food all of the time, with a sweet tooth and having either a poor appetite or eating to excess. You concentrate hard and like to study. You can hide your feelings from others and build walls around yourself, hiding your feelings deep down inside. Often you will over worry, making mountains out of molehills. You like everything to be neat and tidy in your life.

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