Fabulous Four

As many of you know:
“Beautiful Hair Free Skin Starts Here!”

We’re sure you have your favourite wax, however, did you know we now have 4 fabulous waxes available in the Ashmira Botanica Waxing Collection.

With our loyalty wax Wild Violet Strip Wax and Mulberry Peelable Wax originally created in 2017,these 2 amazing waxes remain clear favourite’s for many of you.
Both waxes are very sparkly and remove the shortest of hairs cleanly from the skin – the Mulberry Peelable wax dries in seconds giving quick, cost effective treatments with excellent results.

Earlier this year we introduced the beautiful River Moss Strip Wax and another firm favourite Seagrass Peelable Wax
Stunning glittery, shimmery waxes that give a full earthy comforting feel when applied and have a low working temperature and outstanding fluidity.
They spread incredibly thinly and release cleanly from the skin, leaving minimal sticky residue.

If you haven’t tried all four waxes yet and would like to try them, get in touch and ask about our fabulous four offer!