Fire Element


Meridians: Heart, pericardium, triple warmer, small intestine

Skin Type: Dry skin, broken capillaries, flushed, reddish complexion

Emotion: Joy, laughter, cheerful, easily hurt, emotional

The Fire Element holds the energy of Summer. We experience the hottest months of the year and nature is at its peak of growth, with plants radiating and expressing themselves with beautiful flowers. This is the phase of maturity, heat, love and of manifestation.

The Fire Personality:

You are warm and friendly with a radiant, bright personality and eyes which sparkle with joy. You wear your heart on your sleeve and everyone knows what you are thinking and feeling. Love is very important to you and you need to give, receive and feel love, with it life has no meaning. When imbalanced you can feel muddled and unable to sort things out and your emotions can fluctuate up and down.

When out of balance, you find that words stick in your throat and you are unable to communicate or express your feelings. But when in balance you are talkative and excitable, radiant and bright.

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