The Five Elements Quiz

About the Five Elements

According to the ancient healing system of Chinese medicine, the face is like a mirror. Reflecting any internal imbalances with in the meridian system of the body. Meridians are like a giant invisible web carrying vital energy and blood throughout the whole body. The meridian system connects all the organs to one another. Along this web are hundreds of acupressure points, situated along the parts of the meridian which lie close to the surface of the skin-imagine them like little electrical switches. Pressing one sends of a boost of energy throughout the meridian, unblocking and moving stale or stagnant energy.

The Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine looks at the different elements in nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, and how energy connects them. Each element has unique characteristics and is associated with a season, colour, personality type and emotion. These can then be used to tell therapists which meridians may need balancing.

If you’d like to know which of the five elements most reflects your personality type, we have designed this five elements quiz just for you.