Water Element


Meridians: Kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs

Skin Type: Dehydrated, dark circles or puffiness under the eyes

Emotion: Fear

The Water Element holds the energy of Winter. The energy returns deep inside, plants become dormant, it is a time of rest. This is the time for us to become still and quiet. A time to be. We need to replenish our vitality, creativity and wisdom ready for life’s cycle to start again.

The Water Personality:

Stubborn and strong willed, you have enormous drive and ambition. You are a workaholic and prefer to be self employed than work for someone. Your clear vision means you know what you want out of life, and will go and get it.

You get tired easily an often feel restless. You can suffer with anxiety and paranoia, feeling full of fear and yet at other times you can be fearless. You can get low back pain, swollen legs and water retention. You are a good listener who may have hearing problems or get tinnitus. You tend to fear the worst, even when others tell you everything will be okay.

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