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The concept of treating your skin from the inside out stems from Chinese Medicine which is thousands of years old.

Using this ancient philosophy, Ashmira Botanica weaves together your physical and emotional energies using natural, effective products that relieve physical tension and achieve mental clarity.

Each treatment is personalised to you. Much more than just a skincare treatment, we use natural plants, essential oils and clays to balance the skins’ vital energy. We have a range of clay face masks available from our online store also.

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Why Ashmira Botanica

Vegan Friendly

We are proud to say that our products are vegan and vegetarian. Manufactured without the use of animal products

Ashmira Botanica Vegan Friendly

Plant to product

Essential oils are the pure essence of a flower, stem, bark, leaf or root. They are powerful and can be extremely effective for the mind, body and spirit. We use oils of the highest quality that have been chosen to work with one of the 5 elements of Chinese medicine and to balance Yin and Yang energies. Our oils are carefully blended and chosen to work in synergy with one another to optimise their effect.

Clean Beauty

Each of our skincare products is formulated in the UK and made in small batches to minimise our ecological footprint. They are packed full of natural, botanical ingredients and packaged in recyclable glass and aluminium. We offer a range of natural strip wax options available from our online store.

Sulphate free

Sulphate Free

Natural and vegan

Natural and Vegan

Soap free

Soap Free

Paraben free

Paraben Free

Non drying alcohol

Non Drying Alcohol

Silky Smooth

Our leading professional waxing products are packed full of botanical ingredients from Mother Nature. Each product has a base of natural oils and butters, making them rich in phytosterols, polyphenols, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Each wonderful botanical ingredient has been chosen for its exceptional moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help repair, protect and nourish the skin after hair removal. You won’t find better wax!

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What people say

Lisa, Elle, Taunton

"I have ordered from Tracey and the team for 6 years now, and have always received excellent quick service. I love their products and use their wax and skincare. I can't recommend them enough."

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Sally, London

"I’ve had a lot of facials but never one that left me feeling so relaxed and felt so comprehensive as it incorporated my back, neck and head. I loved the welcome drink of cacao which I haven't had before and it was delicious! My skin was glowing afterwards and my husband even commented on how good it looked. I will be having this treatment again for sure."

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Jo, Inner Beauty, Frome

"I have used Ashmira Botanica waxes and products for years for all our wax treatments and training. Our clients love the results they get, and always say how "pain-free" the waxes are. We wouldn't go anywhere else!"

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Kerry Purity

"Working with Tracey has changed me as a person and how I work. These beautiful Ashmira Botanica Chinese inspired treatments has opened me up to another level of healing clients, something more to offer than just manual massage techniques. Clients feel different and enjoy the gorgeous scents too."

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