About Our Wax

Crafted by Tracey Smith in 2016, Ashmira Botanica waxes bring together luxury, efficacy, & purity.

Harnessing an expansive network spanning over 950 prestigious spa and salon
partners, which include Harrods, Champneys, One Aldwych, Gleneagles, The
Berkeley, Bannatyne, Everyone Active and GLL, has enabled the brand to be seen
as a beacon in the waxing industry.
Tracey’s keen perception uncovered a market need for waxing solutions
transcending hair removal, integrating a nurturing skincare approach whilst offering
pain-less, spa-like experiences for clientele.

Ashmira Botanica products are formulated with the botanical richness of nourishing
argan oil, hazel seed oil, and cupuaçu butter.  By emphasising hydration from the
start, our products enhance the overall aftercare process and make waxing a
pampering, rather than a practical treatment. 

With an Ashmira Botanica professional wax treatment you’re left with silky, smooth,
trouble-free skin because our premium vegan products are enriched with botanical
ingredients, natural butters, and plant oils that repair, protect and nourish the skin
whilst preventing and treating the most common issues normally associated with hair
removal such as ingrown hairs, spots, redness, and dry skin.

We believe that waxing should be more than just a functional process; it should be a
luxurious spa treatment.  This mindset is infused into every Ashmira Botanica
experience, elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Our Waxes

Ashmira Botanica shimmering soft waxes spread super-thin and set ultra-fast for
quick, comfortable, cost-effective hair removal.

Vegetarian Waxes

Our beautiful Mulberry (peelable/hot) and Wild Violet (strip) waxes are glittery,
shimmering waxes that are applied at a low temperature and glide easily and
smoothly onto the skin. They contain lanolin from sheep’s wool and beeswax which
is what makes them vegetarian rather than vegan. Both are applied really thinly

onto the skin making them both cost effective and super easy to use. They don’t leave
any sticky residue on the skin and give beautiful hair-free results every time.

Vegan Waxes

Our beautiful shimmering green Seagrass (peelable/hot), River Moss (strip) and Blue
Orchid (roller) waxes are made with synthetic rosin making them completely vegan.
They give perfect, smooth results on both fine and strong hair, have a lovely texture
and are a delight to use. Seagrass and River Moss waxes have a luxurious creamy
texture and leave the skin feeling really soft and hydrated straight after removal.

Wax Skincare

Whichever of our premium waxes you select, our advanced 5 step treatment protocol
will ensure silky smooth, trouble-free skin and an exceptional wax experience every