The Five Elements

A born leader who seeks justice and rebels against the rules.  Dynamic and efficient, you like
to get things done. You enjoy responsibility and love to organise and plan.  You are an assertive, creative decision-maker. You also have a real artistic flair. You can be prone to muscular aches and pains and poor eyesight, sometimes suffering with migraines and headaches. When unbalanced you can have a short fuse.  You are full of energy when balanced, hate early mornings, and love late nights.

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You are warm and friendly with a radiant, bright personality and eyes which sparkle with joy. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and everyone knows what you’re thinking and feeling. Love is very important to you, and you need to give, receive and feel love, as you feel that without love, life has no meaning. When unbalanced you can feel muddled, unable to sort things out, and your emotions can fluctuate up and down. When out of balance you find that words stick in your throat and you are unable to communicate or express your feelings, but when in balance you are talkative, excitable, and enthusiastic. To nurture the Fire Element, try the following products

You are an earth mother, caring and nurturing those around you and bringing people together. You are grounded and supportive, raising others and showing great empathy. You are a natural homemaker and a feeder, and you put others before yourself. You think about food often and have a sweet tooth. When your element is unbalanced, you can worry excessively, making mountains out of molehills, building walls around yourself, and hiding your feelings from others. If you can keep your element in balance, you have the ability to accomplish your goals, whatever stands in your path.

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You live an independent, authentic life, and are wholeheartedly true to yourself. You are hardworking, competent, and logical. You work best when you have structure in your life, liking to be precise, organised, and methodical. You can appear reserved and introverted at first, but when you trust someone, you relax and form deep relationships with a small circle of best friends, rather than expending your energy on a large crowd of casual acquaintances. You can be sensitive and have difficulties in letting go of things that have hurt you in the past. You are prone to catching colds and may breathe shallowly or experience shortness of breath. If you can keep your element in balance, you have the motivation to continually improve and work purposefully to reach your goals.

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You are wise, reflective and a creative thinker. You go with the flow and are determined even during difficult times. You are an excellent listener and look for emotional depth in all your relationships. You can suffer with anxiety and paranoia, feeling full of fear, or avoiding all conscious feelings of fear and behaving riskily. You can also be a ‘workaholic’, suffering burnout. You can be prone to lower back pain, swollen legs and water retention. If you can keep your element in balance, you have a clear vision of what you want in life and will achieve your goals by thinking outside the box.

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