Chinese Medicine and the Summer Season

Chinese Medicine and the Summer Season

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Chinese Medicine and the Summer Season

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each season has a corresponding Element.  By following nature's patterns and cycles we can learn how to support our own health and stay well all year round.

The Element for Summer is Fire, and according to TCM the summertime officially starts on May 6th and lasts until July 19th.  There is warmth in the air and the days are lighter for longer: our energy and the energy of nature is at its peak. 

Ruled by Yang energy, summer is all about excitement, passion and being active.  The Fire Element is associated with being sociable, chatty and and being your most vibrant self.  Let's bask in the warmth, embrace joy, and explore the more extroverted side of our nature as we shine bright this season!

The Fire Element

We are all influenced by the energy of the season.  Imagine dancing around a fire: you feel its warmth and see the flames dancing, hot, dynamic, and abundant.  Similarly, when we are in balance, we step into the limelight, showcasing our gifts, beauty, and truth.  We become enthusiastic, filled with love, joy, and passion.

However, when our Fire energy is OUT of balance, we can become impulsive, irritable, restless, anxious, and overly critical.  Physically, we may overheat, feel thirstier, have flushed skin, perspire excessively, or develop broken capillaries.

The best way to balance this Yang energy is with Yin products, foods, treatments and activities:

Keep cool: Drink cool, refreshing drinks

Exercise: Swim, dance, practise yoga, take walks

Emotions: Laugh out loud, feel the joy in your heart

Avoid: Spicy food

Eat: Bitter, Summer Superfoods, including watermelon, asparagus, beetroot, cucumbers, dandelion leaves, rocket, celery, globe artichoke, polenta, quinoa, strawberries

Homecare: For the Summer Season switch to 1 drop of Elemental Elixir Fire in your Rice Balm twice a day to balance the effects of the Summer Season.

Mix together a Fire Mask using:

2 tsp Elemental Fire Clay Powder

1-2 tsp Organic Rose Hydrosol

1-2 drops Elemental Elixir Fire


 Find skincare products for the Fire Element here.

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