Wood Element

Wood Element

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Meridians: Gall bladder and liver

Skin Type: Too much or too little sebum, oily or dry skin, acne

Emotion: Anger, frustration, irritability

The Wood element holds the energy of Spring when nature is re-emerging from the slumber of Winter. Its energy is gentle at first and then with an exploding energy breaks through the earth in a glory of creative growth.

The Wood Personality:

Dynamic and efficient-you like to get things done. You like to take responsibility and love to organise and plan, a born leader who seeks justice and rebels against the rules.

A real decision maker who is assertive, creative and artistic. You can be prone to muscular aches and pains as well as poor eyesight, sometimes suffering with migraines and headaches. You are full of energy when balanced and hate mornings but love late nights. You are either never angry or suddenly become angry, equally you either love doing sport or absolutely hate it.

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