Why Ashmira Botanica...

Our Ingredients
The Ashmira Botanica range offers exceptional results, which we hope you will find a little different to other brands. Our beautiful professional and retail products are packed full of natural, botanical ingredients which we sell to some of the most prestigious spas and salons all around the world. They include:

Vegan Friendly

We are proud to say that all of our skincare and wax products are vegan and vegetarian. Manufactured without the use of animal products.

Ashmira Botanica Vegan Friendly

Plant to product

Essential oils are the pure essence of a flower, stem, bark, leaf or root. They are powerful and can be extremely effective for the mind, body and spirit. We use oils of the highest quality that have been chosen to work with one of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine and to balance Yin and Yang energies. Our oils are carefully blended and chosen to work in synergy with one another to optimise their effect.