Founder's Story

Tracey Smith, a revered veteran of the spa and beauty industry, brings a wealth of experience and a
profound passion for creating products that truly matter. Immersed in the beauty world from an
early age, Tracey grew up alongside her father who worked for a waxing brand. She fondly
remembers volunteering for leg waxing sessions at beauty shows from the age of 14, where she was
in awe of the company’s sales representatives whom she spent a lot of time with. These formative
experiences ignited a deep love for the industry and inspired Tracey to follow in the footsteps of her
father and his colleagues.

Throughout her remarkable 35-year career in the industry, Tracey has remained steadfast in her
commitment to authenticity. She firmly believes in selling products that she trusts and deeply
believes in, aligning with her personal values. As she forged her own path and founded Ashmira
Botanica, Tracey set out to create soulful products that are an authentic reflection of her true self.
Beyond her industry expertise, Tracey's unique perspective as a shamanic healer infuses a holistic
approach into her work. She describes her Ashmira Botanica skincare range as "How I feel in a
bottle," showcasing her genuine connection to the spiritual and natural essence of her creations.
With the launch of experiential retreats and residentials for both professionals and consumers on
the horizon for 2024, she is fulfilling her dream of leading a spirited brand driven by ancient wisdom
and an unwavering commitment to the heart.