Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients


Rose is one of the most beautiful oils in the world, it has a wonderful fragrance and is said to help reduce stress, to calm you and help promote a more youthful complexion.


A powerful skin food which is naturally rich in in trace elements and mineral salts including Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and Potassium.  Clay gently cleanses the skin and brightens sensitive, tired skin – the first woman to be seduced by red clay was Cleopatra, who used it daily in her beauty regime.


Our ceremonial grade cacao is a powerful plant medicine, packed full of nutrients to help boost energy levels and relieve tiredness.


This calming, soothing ingredient is renowned for its wonderful skin properties. It calms and cools the skin and helps relieve sensitivity


Mandarin oil comes from the fresh peel of the fruit. It can help cleanse pores and remove dead skin cells. Mandarins have a special place in Chinese culture as they were given as gifts to the Mandarins (Chinese officials who served the King).


Geranium is said to be a highly effective anti-ageing ingredient as it is thought to tone and protect the skin as well as helping your complexion to look more youthful and radiant.

Tourmeline Crystal

Our powdered Tourmeline crystal is believed to revitalise the skin and make it appear more radiant and youthful as well as increasing the blood circulation to give a healthy glow.

Purslane Extract

Also known as little hogweed, this plant is packed full of vitamins and minerals and used in traditional herbal medicine due to its excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.