The Five Elements

Being in good health requires harmony between all 5 elements. When we are feeling at our best we will shine with the positive attributes of each one. When we are run down, emotionally drained, tired or have poor nutrition we can feel the negative side of at least one element.

For example, if you have too much energy in an element you may see an excess of a condition -perhaps too much oil in your skin. However if you are lacking energy in an element you may not have enough energy and find you do not have enough oil in your skin, leaving your skin very dry.

We can choose your treatment according to how you are feeling or we can tell you which element you fall under due to the year you were born in (your own personal biorhythm), helping the energies most likely to need balancing during your lifetime.  

The categories below may help you to choose which treatment or products you need to balance your emotions or skin condition at this moment in time. You may find you fall into more than one category, choose the one that you have the most affinity to right now.

Our beautiful gifts set give you the chance to give yourself a little pampering at home. You can mix together a mask for your element using the Elemental Clay Powder, Organic Rose Hydrosol and Elemental Elixir drops. Then complete your facial treat with some Rice Balm Face Cream. Gift Set includes: 25g pot Elemental Clay Powder, 5ml Elemental Elixir, 15ml Rice Balm Face Cream and 100ml Organic Rose Hydrosol.


Oily skin, blackheads, acne or post acne scarring

Very dry skin lacking in oil


Muscular tightness and aches and pains

Sporty or hate sports

Poor eyesight


Difficulty digesting fatty food

You enjoy staying up late but hate mornings



A natural leader

Can get frustrated, angry or aggressive

Can be very hard to wind up and be very calm

Wood Gift Set


Couperose, broken capillaries, reddened skin

Sensitive or dry skin

Flushed complexion

Poor circulation - cold hands and feet

Perspire excessively, feel hot

Love socialising and being with people

Quick tempered, passionate

Can be anxious and restless 


Talkative normally,  but when sad you find words get stuck in your throat

Easily hurt. You want to feel love and give love.

You don’t feel stable if your relationships are unstable

Happy, warm and very loving

Fire Gift Set


Dull or devitalised skin

Spots under the skin, hold onto toxins

Normal skin


Eczema or psoriasis 

Food is very important

Digestive problems, tummy can bloat after eating

Can bury your head in the sand and not face things

You make mountains out of molehills

You build a brick wall around yourself to protect your emotions. 

You hide how you are feeling from others

An Earth Mother - you like to nourish others

You like your life to be organised, neat and tidy

A worrier

Earth Gift Set


Pale, alabaster type skin

Wrinkles or jowls

Sensitive skin

Ageing skin

Poor oxygenation/lifeless skin

Poor lymphatic circulation

Get short of breath, breathe shallowly

Catch colds easily, cough

You stay in the past and find it hard to let things go

Very sensitive person

You don’t feel appreciated by others

You like definition, structure, discipline and control in your life

You feel sad

You can come across as aloof and cool

Metal Gift Set


Dehydrated skin


Dark circles or puffiness under the eyes

Water retention

Wobbly cellulite

Lower back pain, bone or ligament problems

Strong willed, like to take charge, want to do things your way, stubborn.

A workaholic who prefers to be self employed. Huge drive and ambition.

Intuitive with clear vision, you know where you want to be and where you are going


You don’t believe everything will be fine even when told it will be.

Anxiety and panic attacks.


Water Gift Set