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Metal Element

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Meridians: Lungs and large intenstine

Skin Type: Pale complexion, wrinkles and lines, jowls

Emotion: Grief, staying in the past and not moving forward.

The Metal Element holds the energy of the Autumn. This is the season of reaping what you have sown, harvesting, sorting the pure from the impure. The weather cools and nature dims its lights. Plants get rid of what they no longer need, shedding their leaves. it is the time to let go and focus our attention inward, letting go of what we no longer need.

The Metal Personality:

You have difficulties in letting go of things which have hurt you and hold onto the past. You are over sensitive and can often feel sad. It is difficult for you to cry. Sometimes you can appear distant or cut off and withdrawn.

You are a perfectionist who likes everything to be precise and organised. You like things to be the way that you have decided they should be. You can have shortness of breath, breath shallowly and easily catch colds.

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