How to Use Rose for Skincare

How to Use Rose for Skincare

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The History of Rose in Skincare

Throughout history skincare treatment have used roses. Fossils have shown the rose plant itself originated in Central Asia around 35 million years ago. Many Ancient civilisations grew roses to be used in treatments. The Ancient Egyptians would boil down roses to create cleansing balms and healing treatments. Rose was also a popular ingredient with the Greeks and Romans. By the early 20th century, rose had become a common ingredient in soaps, perfumes, and a huge range of skincare products and is still a popular ingredient today.

Facts About Rose

  • -Rose is one of the most expensive essential oils to make, because of the large quantity of blossoms it takes to make just a small amount.
  • -To ensure the iconic fragrance, the flowers must be harvested by hand before sunrise and distilled the same day.
  • -Rose essential oils contain a variety of minerals and vitamins which provide powerful beneficial properties for your skin

Which Skin Type Works Well With Rose?

The soothing, natural qualities of rose mean it works well with any skin type. There are a few properties that make it specifically beneficial if your skin needs to be:


Rose has anti-inflammatory properties. This is especially true of Bulgarian rose, which is found in our organic hydrosol. This makes it perfect for soothing redness and leave your skin glowing.


The protective and healing properties of rose promote a youthful complexion. It also helps to protect from future irritations, giving the skin a long-lasting treatment that revives the skin.


The antibacterial properties of rose make it a great ingredient for treating acne, while also still soothing and moisturising the skin. Acne-pone skin needs to stay hydrated, which makes the natural rose essential oils much more beneficial than a harsh chemical solution.

Studies have also recently shown the benefits of aromatherapy using rose, suggesting that rose can help reduce stress.

Where Can You find Rose in Ashmira Botanica Skincare?

We have two main products with rose as predominant ingredient.

Our Rose Cleansing Oil helps to deeply cleanse and revive the skin and is perfect for all skin types. After the cleanser, you can then use the Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol.

A hydrosol is a water-based product made from the distillation process which makes essential oils. This means they are much less concentrated. Our rose hydrosol cools and soothes the skin and is perfect to use as a toner or to mix with one of our Elemental Elixirs to complement and balance your chosen element.

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