Spring in Chinese Medicine: A Guide

Spring in Chinese Medicine: A Guide

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Spring in Chinese Medicine is finally here!

We are awakening from the hibernation of winter. The Earth is starting to warm up ready for newly planted seeds to break forth. Now is the time for new beginnings, growth, and creation. Make the most of this beautiful season. Go to bed early then rise again early the next morning. Go for a walk and take in the colours and the freshness of spring. Feed your eyes with the beauty of this new season.

Spring in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine the Spring is associated with the element of Wood. The meridians associated with this element are the Gall Bladder and Liver which are at their peak during this time. If the energy in these two meridians is stale or stagnant you may see allergies arise, get muscular aches and pains, headaches, or problems with your eyesight – or emotionally seeing your way forward.

Feed your eyes with the beauty of Spring

What to Focus on in Spring

Both physically and emotionally, this is the time to plan and sow seeds – what would you like to achieve this year? Start to focus on your goals and how to get there. This is the time of re-birth. Your ideas are just like the seeds in the earth germinating and getting ready to show themselves to the world.

It is also the perfect time to spring clean and get rid of any clutter – both physically and emotionally.

Now is also the time to set free any anger or frustration. Get rid of old stored up emotions and bring in the new to start afresh. Stretch and do yoga to loosen tight muscles. This is the season to start feeling re-energised and to emerge from the darkness and slumber of the winter. 

To help keep your energy flowing freely start to exercise more, eat good healthy foods, use your creativity by painting, sewing, crafting, and enjoy the outdoors.

Foods for Spring

Some good foods to incorporate into your diet for this time of year include:

Watercress, chard, spring greens, broccoli, radishes, oranges, celery, wheat, lemon, and grapefruit. Foods with a sour taste really help to cleanse the liver energy. Give your body a break away from caffeine and alcohol. Try to eat less meat and avoid fatty foods to help your liver break down accumulated toxins.

Skincare for Spring According to Chinese Medicine

When the wood element is unbalanced, common skin issues can be:

  • Very oily or very dry skin
  • Spots
  • Acne

You may want to offer a seasonal treatment to your client, to help balance the wood energy during Spring. These treatments would benefit from using our Elemental Clay Powder Wood with our Elemental Elixir Wood.

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