Summer in Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine: Summer Guide

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The sun is starting to come out, and in Chinese Medicine summer has officially arrived!

In Summer, we experience the hottest months of the year and nature is at its peak of growth with plants radiating and expressing themselves with beautiful flowers. This is the phase of maturity, heat, love and of manifestation. Nature is overflowing and brimming with beauty. This is the time of joy, excitement, activity and vibrancy. 

Summer in Chinese Medicine: The Fire Element

In traditional Chinese Medicine, each season has a corresponding element. Summer holds the energy of the Fire Element. Some associations with the fire element are: 

  • Organs: Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, Pericardium
  • Emotion: Joy
  • Colour: Red
  • Taste: Bitter
  • Sound: Laughing
  • Sensation: Taste

Our Fire energy when in balance helps us to step into the limelight, showing off our gifts and our beauty and sharing our truth. We love to be the centre of attention. We feel full of love, joy and passion. 

When Fire energy is out of balance, we can be impulsive and irritable. 

Celebrate the Fire Element

With the ruling element of Fire, Summer is all about energy and heart. This is a season to be vibrant, excited and active. Be ready to embrace joy, light, heat and interaction and enjoy the more extroverted and passionate side of you. 

However, the fire element when out of balance can also make you too hasty, irritable or overly critical. Go to bed later and wake up earlier, find time to play and seek joy in activities. 

Foods for Summer

In summer it is important to ingest cooling foods like cucumber, yoghurt or mint. Drink plenty of liquid and avoid excessively spicy foods or anything that causes the digestive system to slow down. 

Skincare for Summer

Skincare problems that are often linked to the Fire Element are broken capillaries and flushed or red skin. 

Therefore, to balance out the fire element and treat these skin problems, now is a good time to offer treatments using our Elemental Clay Powder Fire and Elemental Elixir Fire

Summer is also a time of greater Yang energy. This brings a lot of the activity, excitement and vibrancy to the season. However, if Yang energy is out of balance it can be beneficial to introduce our Yin products such as the Elemental Elixir Yin or Calm and Restore Massage Oils to introduce a more calming energy.

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