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Chinese Massage: Everything You Need to Know

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This week is Everyone Deserves a Massage week, so what better way to celebrate then learning Chinese Massage and its many benefits. The Chinese massage method is thousands of years old. This massage method eases, unblocks and stimulates the flow of qi (life force energy) around the body.

Method/How It Works

The Chinese massage method is thousands of years old. It focuses on qi (life force energy, pronounced chi). This method of massage eases unblocks and stimulates the flow of qi around the body. 

Another key point of the massage is that it works on your meridian network. The meridians distribute energy evenly throughout the body. This means that when energy flow in a Meridian becomes blocked or stops flowing disease can occur. Consequently, by pressing specific acupressure points found along a meridian we can affect muscular tension, blood circulation and the body's life energy to promote healing.

The Benefits of Chinese Massage

So, how does this style of massage benefit your clients?

Our treatments are designed to be personalised to your clients' energy. We aim to create a multisensory experience with each product and treatment.

Here are some of the benefits of Chinese massage:

  • Releases muscular knots and tension
  • Brings mind and body into balance
  • Relaxes or uplifts depending on clients needs
  • Treats the entire body
  • Increases and boosts circulation
  • Balances emotions

In addition to these benefits for your clients, the treatments are also not tiring for a therapist to perform.  

Interested in a TCM Inspired Skincare Range?

Our skincare range is inspired by Chinese Medicine and uses ancient theory such as the Five Elements in conjunction with effective, deeply relaxing skincare treatments. Our products are all natural, vegan and made in the UK. To learn more you can head to our Skincare page or email us at

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