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Late Summer and Chinese Medicine

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Chinese Medicine and Late Summer

The long summer days have reached their peak and are now winding down into Autumn. Chinese Medicine refers to this season as Late Summer. Here is everything you can expect from the Fifth Season.

Late Summer and the Earth Element

Chinese Medicine links each season with one of the Five Elements. Late Summer is connected to the element of Earth. So what can you expect from Late Summer? 

Nourishment and Stability

The Earth element represents nurturing and supportive spirit. Late Summer bridges the gap between that chaotic, high energy Fire element and the more refined, introspective Metal energy of Autumn. 

This is a time for us to slow down and find some stability, take in the nourishment that the end of Summer has to offer and look forward to the harvest of Autumn. 

The Earth Element in Chinese Medicine

The Earth Element offers a sense of security and being grounded. This element creates a feeling of being rooted, calm and focused.

When in harmony, Earth energy helps us feel confident and secure. We can cope with change and see it as an opportunity for growth. When out of harmony we find it easy to stagnate and won't venture out of our comfort zone. We can become risk averse, obsessive and a perfectionist. 

Late Summer & Skincare

Our skincare range uses the theory of the Five Elements to personalise each treatment to the client. The Five Elements each have an associated skin type.

For example, an unbalance in the Earth element results in spots under the skin or dull and devitalised skin. Because of the connection to the Earth Element, your clients may experience these skin problems more in Late Summer.

Therefore, to create balance in the Earth element, our skincare range uses Elemental Clay Powder and Elemental Elixir Earth. These products balance the Earth element and create a treatment that can rejuvenate your client in the Late Summer season.

Want to Learn More?

As mentioned above, our wellness centred skincare range is inspired by Chinese Medicine and the theory of the Five Elements. If you would like to learn more about our range, please get in touch. To find out more, email contactus@ashmirabotanica.com or phone us on 01823428588.

You can also head to our Skincare page on our website to take a look at the products.

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