Four Common Waxing Problems and How to Solve Them

Four Common Waxing Problems and How to Solve Them

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Four Common Waxing Problems and How to Solve Them 

Waxing is one of the most effective hair removal methods for your beauty salon or spa. The Ashmira Botanica range aims to make waxing a luxury treatment. Part of that starts with boosting the confidence of your therapists when waxing. There are some common troubleshooting waxing problems that can affect your clients treatment. Here are four of the most common waxing problems and how to solve, treat and prevent them. 

Problem 1: Folliculitis

Appears a few days after waxing as little pustular pimples or spots. They normally appear due to the client touching the waxed area with their hands, causing bacteria to enter open pores.

How to avoid it:

The best way to avoid it is to:

-Tell the clients not to touch the area after waxing,

-Put clean clothes on after treatment if they tend to get them on legs or bikini area

-Apply a good after wax product which has been especially designed to help prevent and cure folliculitis.

Problem 2: Bruising

Bruising most often occurs on the inside of the thigh where skin is softer. It can occur when therapists try to apply and remove too much wax in one go.

How to avoid it:

-Stretch the clients skin thoroughly (you can get the client to help you, with clean hands)

-Smaller patches of wax and good stretching

-Make sure the client exfoliates their skin every week and moisturises well, this will make wax removal so much easier and more efficient.

Problem 3: Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are hairs which have become trapped under dead skin cells. They can then become infected and a painful spot appears.

How to avoid it:

-Making sure that you always apply your strip wax in the direction of hair growth and remove against the direction will certainly help

-Recommending that the client exfoliates AND moisturises their skin regularly

-A good Ingrown Hair Serum will help to get rid of the problem if it is too late. It may be able to be applied prior to waxing to help prevent the problem occurring.

Problem 4: Skin Lifting

Skin lifting looks like a burn and occurs when skin has been taken off during the waxing treatment. This can happen due to a few different reasons. Clients may be using skin care products containing AHA’s or Retinol or taking Accutane. These are all designed to exfoliate the skin. Wax also exfoliates and the two together can be too much for the skin. The wax has no dead skin cells to adhere too and ends up taking new skin cells instead. Lifting can also occur if the wax used is too hot or cold, too sticky or applied too thickly.

How to avoid it:

-Make sure that your removal is parallel to the skin, don‚Äôt pull the wax off upwards.

-Always cleanse the skin properly first.

-Try to use a peelable wax on sensitive areas rather than strip wax.

-Make sure the skin is dried properly, then apply either powder or oil before your wax.

-Afterwards use a good soothing cream created for the area you are working on. Recommend your client buy a retail version to carry on using at home.


Ashmira Botanica director and founder of waxing brand Tracey Smith in front of background

Tracey Smith has worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years. She created the Ashmira Botanica waxing range to make waxing a full, luxury treatment. The products are all made with natural, botanical ingredients. The waxing range is the top choice of around 800 salons and spas. These include Harrods, David Lloyd, Bannatyne, Spa Experience, Champneys and The Berkeley. Ashmira Botanica have also recently launched a wellness centred skincare range based on Chinese Medicine. The range incorporates wellness techniques such as cacao, crystals and sound healing.



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