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Intimate Waxing Top Tips

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Intimate Waxing: Top Tips and Tricks for Beauty Therapists

Intimate waxing is one the most popular treatments for the summer, as your clients are enjoying the bikini weather and jetting off on much-needed holidays. It can also be one of the most daunting treatments for newcomer clients and beauty therapists. Our guide talks you through how to give an effective intimate wax while keeping your client comfortable and calm. 

Using the Right Products for Intimate Waxing

Intimate waxing has it's own techniques. Make sure your salon is using the right products for the job:

  • Always use a peelable wax instead of a strip wax on an intimate area
  • Use a talc-free powder first if the client is particularly nervous or perspiring

Make the Client Feel Comfortable Before Their Wax

An intimate wax can have a reputation for being painful or awkward. First time wax clients can especially be nervous leading up to the appointment. Reassuring them and talking them through the treatment will be key to easing their nerves.

  • Offer the client an individual intimate wipe before the treatment to feel clean and comfortable.
  • Act confident and your client will also!

After Waxing 

To finish off the treatment, it is important to use products that can treat or prevent common after wax problems like ingrown hairs. 

  • Apply soothing, calming creams to soothe skin afterwards. Sell them the products to use at home for up to five days to prevent ingrown hairs, take down redness and repair the skin.
  • Sell the client an ingrown hair serum to treat any ingrown hairs that do occur.

Tips and Tricks

Now you‚Äôve got the basics covered, here are some extra helpful hints for getting the best results every time. 

‚óè End your patch of wax on hair-free skin to make removal less painful

‚óè ALWAYS stretch the skin thoroughly. This enables a good, strong pull to get all the hair

out without breaking

The Best Position for Intimate Waxing

The best position for your client to be in for her intimate wax is to be in a butterfly position - knees bent up and out to the side and soles of the feet together. This enables the therapist to get to most of the area quite easily and also helps with the stretching of the skin, although further stretching will be needed. 

Another good position is to bring the knees into the chest so that we can get the underneath cleared and again it helps with stretching. If the client finds this too difficult, a rolled up towel can be placed behind their knees and the ends of the towel held by the client, bringing their knees into their chest. 

To do their bottom we lie them on their side with knees into their chest, this is far less embarrassing and invasive to the client and enables us to remove the hair easily and efficiently. 


 If you would like intimate wax training for yourself or anyone at your spa or salon, head to the training section of our website for full details on our Female and Male Intimate Wax training. Alternatively, you can email for more information about training or any of the products mentioned. We also provide the roll on wax heater product.

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