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Waxing Hacks & FAQ's

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Ashmira Botanica represents the very latest generation of hair removal products, and we get a lot of comments asking for our expert waxing hacks. Here are a few waxing hacks and tips from our head of education Andy Rouillard to help you get the best out of these incredible products.

Waxing Hacks & FAQ's

What Are the Differences Between Waxes? 

Ashmira waxes all share a base of natural resins, plant oils and butters to nourish the skin. However, with different working textures, beautiful colours and fragrances we have a wax to suit every preference!

Wild Violet-low temperature strip wax with a fluid, gel-like texture and glittery puprle colour. 

River Moss-vegan friendly, low temperature strip wax with a creamy consistency and shiny forest green colour

Blue Orchid-roller wax with a fluid, gel-like texture and shimmering turquoise colour

Mulberry-fast setting peelable wax with a fluid consistency and sparkling burgundy colour. Ideal for confident therapists who like a thinner application. 

Seagrass-vegan friendly, fast-setting peelable wax with a creamy texture and opalescent pale green colour. Perfect for therapists who prefer a thicker application. 

Pre and Post Wax Product Guide

One of the key values of the Ashmira waxing range is creating a full treatment for each wax. Our pre and post products protect and nourish the skin before, during and after waxing.

Refreshing Skin Cleanser is a gentle cleansing milk. It is effective as a pre and post waxing cleanser. This cleanser cools and sanitises the area without drying or irritating the skin. 

Purifying Skin Spritz is formulated specifically to help prevent and treat bumps and pimples that commonly appear on men‚Äôs backs and chests after hair removal. You can also retail this to your clients so they continue treatment at home. 

Replenishing Body Lotion is woven with botanical ingredients to soothe and moisturise.

Comfort Balm is designed specifically for more intimate areas such as face, underarms and bikini area. This fragrance-free balm is enriched with intensely soothing, hydrating ingredients to comfort and protect sensitive skin after waxing. 

Protective Face Cream is designed to protect freshly waxed skin from the sun. The first UK sunscreen designed specifically to protect exposed areas of skin after hair removal. 

Multi-Active Ingrown Serum is an innovative roll-on that your clients can take home with them. The serum cobats post-wax bumps and ingrown hairs, inhibits hair regrowth after waxing and minimises the appearance of hyper-pigmentation often associated with ingrowns. 

Do I Use Oil or Powder Under Ashmira Waxes?

Be guided by the weather and by your client. Hot, clammy or sweaty skin will benefit from a  light dusting of Botanical Skin Powder. Very dehydrated, sun damaged or fragile skin will appreciate a tiny drop of Nourishing Body Oil

If you do use oil, you need only the tiniest amount. When using strip wax, always blot any excess oil with a tissue first or your wax will simply slide about during application and won‚Äôt stick to the hair. For Mulberry and Seagrass, apply just one spritz of oil onto a cotton pad, wipe over the skin and then use the dry side to remove any surplus. 

The advanced formulations of Mulberry and Seagrass mean that they aren‚Äôt ‚Äòsticky‚Äô waxes. This is why they are more comfortable when removed. This also means that they often prefer powder rather than oil as a pre-wax barrier. 

Peelable Waxing Hacks

Why isn‚Äôt my peelable wax getting the hair out? 

The most common reasons are:

  1. Wax isn’t hot enough

Mulberry and Seagrass may initially feel warmer by comparison for those who normally work with very low temperature wax. Don‚Äôt let this scare you off! Wax must never feel uncomfortable hot, but it does need to be warm enough to spread smoothly and this may require a tweak to your heater settings. Remember: stir any unmelted lumps through to get your wax smooth and glossy. 

  1. Not enough pressure during application

Mulberry and Seagrass waxes aren’t sticky. Therefore, to ensure wax is pressed all the way down to the skin during application you need to use firm pressure with your spatula. This will ensure a thorough coating of all the hairs

  1. Application is too slow

Mulberry and Seagrass both set extremely quickly. Know exactly where you want to go before you scoop your wax out of the pot. If you spend too long twirling the spatula or hesitate with your application, the wx will start to set before it even hits the skin and won‚Äôt be able to wrap around the hair effectively. 

  1. Too much moisture or oil on the skin

Both perspiration and oil will interfere with the wax. Cleanse and dry the skin thoroughly before application. Use a light dusting of Botanical Skin Powder if necessary-powder is especially useful when waxing areas of the body that are naturally oilier or warm, such as the face, underarms and bikini line. 

Waxing Hacks: Mulberry is applied thinly whereas Seagrass prefers a thicker application. As a general rule of thumb, if you can still see the skin and hair through Seagrass it needs to be thicker. You can also check out our universal roller wax warmer.

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Waxing Hacks & FAQs

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