Why You Should Keep Waxing After Summer

Why You Should Keep Waxing After Summer

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Waxing is undoubtedly often seen as a summer beauty essential. But summer is beginning to cool off slightly. The latest heatwave has passed, the school holidays are nearly over and your clients may be thinking their waxing appointments are all done for another year. 

However, there are so many reasons why your clients should keep waxing all year round. We‚Äôve compiled a list of the top reasons to keep waxing. 

Four Reasons to Keep Waxing After Summer

Winter is the Best Time to Start Waxing

It may seem like we‚Äôve got things the wrong way round. The weather is getting colder, your summer holiday is a distant memory and you're stuck in tights and jeans so what‚Äôs the point in booking in your wax now? 

Despite all this, starting to build a solid waxing routine in Winter will let you reap all the benefits in Summer. Regular waxing leads to slower and finer hair regrowth as hairs are removed at the root. This means that by Summer, your hair regrowth phase will result in longer lasting and more effective results. 

Maintain Your Routine

On a similar note, it‚Äôs important not to see waxing as just for Summer. Throughout the warmer months you may have built up a routine for your waxing which you don‚Äôt want to lose over the colder months. 

In a regular routine it is easier to ensure you are removing hair at the first phase of growth rather than the final phase. This prevents new hairs from appearing only a couple of days after a wax. 

Don’t Go Back to Shaving!

It may be tempting to think of just letting all your hair grow out over Winter, since you‚Äôll be covered up for the most part. But then you remember that Christmas party season will soon be here. There are birthdays, events, dates, special occasions. These emergency no-hair situations can lead you to reach for the razor. 

Don‚Äôt do it! Waxing is a much more effective hair removal as it removes hair at the root for those longer lasting results. It also avoids side effects like cuts, shaving burn or itchiness. If you continue with regular waxing then you never have to worry about being caught out again. 

Waxing Can Help Dry Skin

One of the most common skincare issues in Winter is dry skin. With the harsher, colder weather your skin can become more easily dehydrated. 

Waxing can actually help with dry skin as it exfoliates the skin. It also helps your skin to absorb moisturisers which will help to rehydrate your skin. 

Keep Your Salon Waxing After Summer

After sharing the top reasons for your clients to wax after summer, lets look at how your salon can keep offering waxing after summer.

Keep in contact with clients and encourage rebooking, letting them know the importance of routine.

Focus on other types of waxing. You may see a decline in popularity of bikini waxing but a lot more facial waxing!

Don't forget those special occasions! Autumn and Winter are still full of events that people want to look there best for. From Halloween nights out to the start of the festive party season, your salon still has plenty of waxing to offer!

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