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Bikini Wax Tips: Making Your Client Comfortable

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Summer is officially here and with it comes Bikini Wax season. Your salon is full of clients wanting to be smooth and hair free for sunbathing in the garden or finally getting that summer holiday. You may also have some clients who are new to bikini and intimate waxing. For a lot of new time waxers the bikini wax can seem the most intimidating. So here are our top tips for how to make your client more comfortable during their first bikini wax. We sell a strip wax here for those of you who need it.

Top Tips for a Comfortable Bikini Wax 

1-Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Waxing can, and should, be a treatment where you create just as much relaxation and pampering as a manicure or facial would. Take care to ensure your clients physical comfort at every stage where you can. 

  • When your client enters your salon and especially the treatment room, make it a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Ensure the room isn‚Äôt too hot or too cold and a completely private space, without too much outside noise or any distractions. 
  • Check with your client any extras they may need to make the wax more comfortable. For example, you could position towels underneath a client if they have lower back pain.

2-Communication is Key

Make sure your client feels at ease. The best way to do this is to build a trusting relationship. Here are some of the best ways you can do that:

  • Act confident! Nothing will make your clients feel more at ease than knowing you are a confident, knowledgeable therapist who has done this thousands of times. So, even if you haven‚Äôt, act confident and you‚Äôll inspire confidence in them
  • Remind the client that this is your job, and that you have seen bodies of all shapes, sizes and varieties so they have no need to feel timid or self-conscious. 
  • Explain each step of the treatment and how they‚Äôll need to be positioned. It can be good to offer a few alternatives on positions depending on the clients flexibility or comfort. 

3-Invest in Bikini Wax Hero Products

All great waxers also need to use the best tools. There are a couple of products which are great for making a bikini wax more comfortable for your client. 

  • Intimate wipes are great to leave out while your client prepares to help make them feel more comfortable and confident. 
  • Use powder! If your client is nervous they may be perspiring more. Powder will help to dry the skin before applying the wax. This is also useful in the summer heatwave!
  • Invest in a full pre and post waxing range. Ensuring that you make waxing a complete treatment will make your client much more confident and give them the best results. Include products to prep the skin like 

We hope this has given you some tips and tricks to use this summer to make your clients feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on the heat! If you would like to shop any of our waxing products you can find them here. You can also find our roller wax warmer here.

(Note: you must be registered with a trade account to order from our waxing range. You can register for an account here)

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