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Waxing Guide: Find Your Salons Perfect Wax

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Waxing is one of the most popular beauty treatments and the perfect addition to the roster of treatments at your salon. Whether you‚Äôre just getting started or have been in the business for years, figuring out which type of wax to use for each treatment can be daunting. We‚Äôve compiled a handy waxing guide to the five types of wax that Ashmira Botanica offers along with some helpful tips. 

Waxing Guide: Which wax works for you?


Who Is It Best For?

Strip wax is recommended for quick and comfortable hair removal from large areas such as legs, arms, backs and chest. It works on male and female hair. So, this is a great choice to cover a versatile range of waxing. 

Our Strip Waxes:

Our stunning glittery, shimmery strip waxes have a low working temperature and outstanding fluidity. They spread incredibly thinly and release cleanly from the skin. They leave minimal sticky residue. 

Wild Violet

River Moss Vegan

How to Use:

Heat until fluid and use a spatula to apply a thin coat in the direction of hair growth. Place a paper or fabric strip over the area, rub firmly and remove swiftly in the opposite direction. 


Who Is It Best For? 

Ideal for sensitive areas and delicate skins.So this one is perfect for those salons that specialise in intimate waxing! 

Our Peelable Waxes:

Our peelable waxes are easy to apply and set ultra fast for speedy, efficient waxing without strips. 

Mulberry Peelable

Seagrass Vegan Peelable

How to Use:

Heat until the melted wax is the texture of runny honey, stirring the pot regularly to dissipate any solid balls or surface film that may form. Using the tip of a spatula, apply small sections of wax in the direction of hair growth. Use firm pressure to press wax all the way down to the skin and thoroughly encapsulate every hair, ensuring the edges of your strip are clean and even to prevent breakage. Wait a few seconds until the wax is completely dry, then lift a corner and pull off in the opposite direction to application. 


Who Is It Best For? 

Roller waxes are incredibly fast and easy to use. They are perfect for leg waxing efficiently and quickly. Because of this, they are best for first time waxers or busy salons. You can use a duo universal roller warmer and we have it on our online store.

Our Roller Wax:

Blue Orchid, is a vegan roller. It glides onto the skin and is easy to remove.

Blue Orchid

How to Use:

Just roll down the skin in the direction of hair growth for a super-thin application of wax and remove with a paper or fabric strip.

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